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Welcome to the American Spanish Goat Association. We invite you to become a member of our association.

Starting 2023, dues will be $30 per individual, group, or ranch name. After submitting a membership application, you will be issued a membership card with a breeder ID. In January of each year, membership will need to be renewed.

You must be a member of ASGA to register goats.


How To Register Goats With ASGA

  1. The first step to register goats is to be a member with ASGA and pay membership dues. 

  2. Once you are a member, you will fill out a DNA submission form. This can be accomplished one of two ways 

    1. Through a personal account with UC Davis where you will share the VGL with ASGA, you will mail DNA directly to UC Davis and pay them 

    2. Through ASGA, where you will check for DNA testing on Part C of the registration paper, ASGA will be paid with acceptable forms of payment. The cost to DNA will be the same as sending it directly to UC Davis or to ASGA. 

  3. After a DNA submission form is obtained and DNA is acquired via submission instructions, goats need to be identified one of two ways 

    1. Microchip that is placed in the web or 

    2. A RFID ear tag. Beyond a microchip or RFID ear tag, a second form of ID will be needed for each goat, acceptable secondary forms of ID are: Breeder ear tag or tattoo.

    3. One of the identification tags needs to be an approved scrapie tag.

    4. Microchips and RFID ear tags are not supplied, however they can be purchased through ASGA or another vendor of your choice.

  4. A registration application will need to be filled out for each goat to be registered. 

  5. A work order is required with the registration application along with payment. Acceptable methods of payment include a credit card or check made out to: American Spanish Goat Association or ASGA.

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